Truth and Beauty

June “First Friday” – Friday, June 2, 5 – 9pm
Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION

Featuring Nolan Prohaska (glass artist), Richard Reynolds Ward (painter), Sonja Van Guilder (calligrapher).

The combination of Nolan’s beautiful, elegant glass sculptures, Richard’s soothing and natural paintings, as well as the embellished written words artfully depicted by Sonja led us to John Keats’ quote “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty …”

Amazing imagery and well-crafted words are what artists and writers do to bring us beauty and to relay truth. This show is intended to raise our spirits and remind us that truth and beauty exist in our midst. And, that when we surround ourselves with inspired work, we feel whole and complete.

Join us for an evening of inspiration, celebration and appreciation for the truth and beauty in our worlds. Also, enjoy refreshments, nibbles, live music and good conversation.

Show remains up through July 2, 2017.