Super “Pottery” Bowl

February “First Friday” – Friday, February 2, 5-9pm
Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION

Featuring Marion Angelica, Ryan Ball, Sue Bergen, Sarah Dudgeon, Willem Gebben, Colleen Riley, Joe Singewald, and Marjorie Wade.

We tend to be a little “cheesy” in Wisconsin, so we are looking at Super Bowl weekend in an entirely different light than some of you might be! Join us to celebrate the creation of amazingly wonderful and “super” bowls! we are really excited to host this event featuring some of the area’s finest ceramic artists. The selection of distinctive bowls will be incredible. There will be bowls simply to enjoy, as well as bowls that are functional for salads, soups, cereal, ice cream and other delicious treats! The show will provide a great opportunity to select an artful memory of this big weekend in the metro area!

Join us for a fun evening complete with great work, good conversation, refreshments, nibbles and live music. The show will remain up until February 26th.