Seasonal Transitions

Opens “First Friday” – Friday, September 4.
Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION

The gallery will be open until 7pm that evening if you wish to be amongst the first to see it. You can also come in-person throughout the month or watch the Virtual Tour.

Featuring Casey Beck (ceramic artist) and Mary Opatz Herges (oil painter)
The warm tones of fall are richly embedded in the works of both Casey and Mary. The work takes us from one season to another as nature changes colors and wraps us into the next season.

Mary is a landscape artist that captures light, color, and mood. She feels that landscapes are a perfect vehicle for expressing human emotion. She uses an abstract brush to create landscapes that are inexplicable, withdrawn, and unknowable. She feels that “when things cannot clearly be seen they can often best be felt.”

Casey creates utilitarian vessels that he hopes will also create a dialogue between user, process, material and self through a series of recollections. Again we are dealing with art and emotion. Casey suggests that “with the everyday use of a vessel, past memories are recognized, all while the user forms their own memories with the vessel. These memories accumulate and form a relationship between vessel and user.”

As we anticipate fall, stop by the gallery which is very COVID-19 prepared … only 10 people in the gallery all wearing masks with attention to cleanliness at all times. This show will enrich your experience and help you personally transition into the next season.

The show will remain up through September 27th.