Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION Friday, March 1, 5pm – 9pm

Featuring approximately 30 of the artists Seasons represents.

Mindfulness is sometimes described as “…the self-regulation of attention with an attitude of curiosity, openness and acceptance.” That is the theme we offered our artists for the 2019 March Show. We are sure that some artists will use “mindfulness” as the way they approach their piece, while others will reflect the theme in their actual artwork. Either way, the show should reveal their thoughts on the subject in interesting and informative ways.

We are also going to be celebrating the “re-imagining of SEASONS.” Yes, there are changes at the gallery that we are very excited about and that we hope you will enjoy.

Join us for “mindful” conversation, refreshments, nibbles, live music and an evening to celebrate the artists we are so proud to represent.