We are just entering our 14th year in the gallery world! That is hard to believe, but true. It is definitely with gratitude that we move forward and continue to represent such an amazing group of talented artists. The summer has flown by so quickly, that it is difficult to realize that we are heading in to fall….and, yes, placing orders for the HOLIDAY SEASON. Yikes…stop the madness!!

Our biggest news of the year, involves all the changes that have occurred at 401 Second Street. Joe Christensen and Jude Ryan Reiling moved their clay studio to the lower level of the building…great for them as they are working on one level and have so much more space. Great for us…the noise and dust is located below us. Then, Robbin Firth, fiber artist, moved her studio to the same level as the gallery. She and her husband, Harry own Heartfelt Silks, specializing in the art of felting using innovative wooden tools that Harry creates in his home workshop. The addition of Robbin’s colorful work, as well as her class offerings has added new energy and a new aspect of life to SEASONS. If you haven’t visited the studios in their new locations, now would be the moment!


“Warm” by Jill Van Sickle

In the meantime, we have added some other amazing artists to the gallery. I am just going to highlight a few…hoping that will lure you in to see new works by all of the artists we represent. Jill Van Sickle is a wonderful acrylic artist that brings a fresh and feminine touch to the space. Her work is very organic, colorful and has a certain abstraction that is amazing. Jill is going to be paired with glass artist, Nolan Prohaska for our show in October. It will be dynamite! We have also added jeweler and two dimensional artist Melody Tudisco to the mix. Mel is edgy, bold, and unique in both areas of her work. Her copper and acrylic wall pieces are textural in nature and have a lovely impact on the eye. Over the summer, we also added glass artist Michael Hopko with his series of fresh water fish…a big hit with our customer base. In addition, we have added Karen Sebesta, an accomplished ceramic artist from Hudson. Her southwest influenced work is a beautiful, authentic addition to the gallery. We also brought back Dust Furniture…it feels very much at home and we love having it. Vincent Lehman, the artist, has added a new line that helps give the same feel, but at a lower price point. If you love the whimsy of this work, you might want to check out the new pieces. Other new jewelers include: Terri Logan, Jill Smith, Susan Panciera, and Catherine Schroenner, to name but a few.


Good Luck, Melissa!

Many of our artists continue to meet with national acclaim. Melissa Belanger, a Hudson resident and “artistic director” at SEASONS over the years, has been invited to be a featured artist at this years “Ghoultide Gathering” on September 28th in Chelsea, Michigan. This is a BIG DEAL as the artists are selected individually. One of her charming Halloween images made the cut for their postcard which adds to the excitement. We wish her well and know she will have a great show! In addition, Marian Angelica, a wonderful potter we know and love has received much recognition throughout the year, as has Nolan Prohaska (glass blower), Barbara Bend (fiber artist) and Beth Novak (jeweler). It is a pleasure to represent these, as well as so many other fine artists.