Plein Air Hudson

Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST “Plein Air Hudson” Event

Opening/Reception Monday, August 18th, 6:30-8:30pm.

This is our first big Plein Air (outdoor painting) event … we are thrilled to have 14 local and regional artists paint HUDSON. Yes, each artist will paint three works … one of Old Town Hudson, one of the waterfront, and one of their choice during the weekend of August 15th – 17th. Then, we will set the show on Monday, August 18th with an opening/reception/awards ceremony starting at 6:30 pm that evening.

The participating artists include:
Judith Anderson, Dan Mondloch, Lynn Brown, Jeanette Richards, Greg Lecker, Susan McLean-Keeney, Bob Bonawitz, Mike Rada, Laura Frykman, Paul Boecher, Jo Nelson, Tom Dimock, Pat Undis and Bob Upton

Well-known Hudson artist and instructor, Lynne Bauer, will be this year’s juror.

Please join us for an evening of wonderful paintings, artist conversations, refreshments, food and music.

The show will remain up through August 31st.

Seconds, Experiments and Undiscovered Art

July “First Friday” – Friday, July 4, 2014, 10am – 7pm.
Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our ALL DAY FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION!

This year, given that it is the Fourth of July, we are starting our annual wild and crazy sale at 10:00am and running it throughout the day! THIS IS A BIG CHANGE from our usual 5:00pm start time! PLEASE TAKE NOTE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

The rest of the sale is pretty much the same – featuring the work of approximately 50 artists, prices approximately half of the regular price, and artful treasures ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime!

The sale will continue on Saturday and Sunday and will last through Monday, July 7th. Don’t forget … Monday everything is marked half off the sale price!

We hope you can fit us in to your “Fourth of July” plans!

FYI, there is no “First Friday” in August. However, we are planning a “Plein Air Event” the weekend of August 15th – 18th! Stay tuned for more details.

Release: A One Woman Show by Sue Seeger

June “First Friday” – Friday, June 6, 2014, 5pm – 9pm.
Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION!

Seasons has had the pleasure of representing the sculptural metal works of Sue Seeger for over a decade. This amazing, self-taught, artist continues her innovative, creative, inspiring journey with a new body of work that will delight the imaginative in all of us.

The show is built around the sculpture “RELEASE.” this elegant female figure is reflective of Sue’s love of both nature and metal! Somehow Sue manages to challenge and coax metal to express wonderful ideas and concepts that result in stunning pieces suitable for home, office or garden.

Come, visit with Sue, enjoy the work while sipping, munching and listening to music!

The show will remain up until Monday, June 30, 2014.

Don’t forget “Seconds, Experiments, and Undiscovered Art” opens on Friday, July 4th!

2+2 Transformation/Tradition

May “First Friday” – Friday, May 2, 2014, 5pm – 9pm.
Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION!

Featuring Jude Ryan Reiling (painter) and Tressa Sularz (basket weaver)

Featuring Kirk Freeman (potter) and Christy Wetzig (potter) it is wonderful to kick off the artOPENer weekend with two great shows at seasons.

Transformation is a collaboration between two friends who have experienced transformation in their lives and therefore in their art. Jude, who most of us know as a ceramic artist, is showing paintings that relate to the woven nature of Tressa’s beautiful, sculptural baskets. this sophisticated show will nurture the creative, the bold, the serene and the colorful in all of us.

Tradition will speak to the world of functional pottery created through timeless traditions. it will also show the relationship between teacher and student … a tradition of mentoring and passing knowledge and skill on to others. Kirk’s well-crafted porcelain pieces are of classic form and technique, whereas Christy brings tradition to her work in a more spontaneous and whimsical manner.

Come visit with the artists, enjoy two lovely artful experiences, have some nibbles and cheer with a background of upbeat music.

The shows will remain up throughout the artOPENer weekend – May 3rd and 4th (visit for more information) – as well as the entire month of May.

Signs of Spring

April “First Friday” – Friday, April 4, 2014, 5pm – 9pm.
Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION!

Featuring Paul Jeselskis (potter) and Dan Wiemer (painter).

This show is going to be brimming with color, nature and warmth. Paul Jeselskis, a Michigan City, Indiana potter, is a classic, artistic functional and decorative porcelain potter. his work is well known for its form, glazes, carving and gesture towards nature. it is also very compatible with that of Dan Wiemer, a well-known red wing artist. Dan is inspired by “The Group of Seven” and creates acrylic paintings that are rich with brush strokes, easy complexity and natural energy. their work will dance together and will definitely welcome spring.

Join us for great artwork, refreshments, conversation, and live music. an added feature to the evening will be a painting demonstration by Dan around 6:30pm.

The show will remain up until April 28th, 2014.

Sophisticated Contrasts

March “First Friday” – Friday, March 7, 2014, 5pm – 9pm.
Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION!

Featuring the work of 40 artists represented by the gallery!

This annual March Show celebrates the amazing talents of the artists we represent throughout the entire year. Artists are invited to create up to two pieces that focus around a common theme … this year our theme is “Sophisticated Contrasts.” The three images on the front provide an enticing example of works you will see. It is one of our favorite and most entertaining shows of the year and always taps in to the creative juices of our superb artist group.

Come, chase winter away, meet the artists, explore the work, enjoy refreshments and nibbles … not to mention live music!

The show will remain up until Monday, March 31, 2014.

Bowls & Casseroles

February “First Friday” – Friday, February 7, 2014, 5pm – 9pm.
Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION!

Featuring the lovely pottery of Susan Bergan, Sarah Dudgeon, Willem Gebben, Jo Severson and Zac Spates

These five potters are going to share the warmth of the season with us. Their pots will inspire us to create our own “comfort food.” There is nothing like a handcrafted bowl or casserole to make our favorite soups, mac and cheese, wild rice dish or old family favorite taste just that much better in the chilly winter months.

We plan to share some recipes and encourage you to entertain in hand-crafted style.

Meet with the artists, celebrate winter, enjoy food, music and refreshments.

The show will remain up until March 3, 2014.

Annual Jewelry Trunk Show

December “First Friday” – Friday, December 6, 2013 5pm – 9pm.

Seasons on St. Croix Gallery invites you to our FIRST FRIDAY CELEBRATION!

Featuring Kerri Norman and Melody Tudisco.

Bobbles, adornments, fascinating hand crafted jewelry is what our annual jewelry trunk show is all about. This year is no exception. Kerri and Mel are both very innovative in their jewelry design. Kerri’s work, generally crafted from sterling silver, is very distinctive with well-thought out detail and movement. Mel has developed a more industrial look that is bold and contemporary. Both artists are passionate about their work and are delightful to visit.

Join us to meet and greet the artists, enjoy holiday music, refreshments and continue your holiday shopping.

The “Trunk Show” will continue through Saturday, December 7th.

Also enjoy “The Candlelight Stroll” in Downtown Hudson on First Friday evening.